vaginal voiding

When some girls void, a teaspoon or two of urine can flow back up into the vaginal vault rather than straight down into the toilet. When the child subsequently stands up, a small amount of urine trickles out onto the panties and she may feel the need to urinate again. This can happen in girls with labial adhesions (vaginal synechiae) or in chubby girls who do not spread their legs widely enough during voiding.

The cure for this is simple. Encourage your daughter to spread her legs widely during voiding. Tell her to pull her panties down all the way to her ankles rather than leave them only partially pulled down. If this does not do the trick, have her sit backwards on the toilet, facing the tank. This guarantees the legs will be widely spread. Another trick is to have her stand up after voiding, turn around and sit back down on the toilet to wipe again. This will usually solve the moist panties problem.

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