Trampolines were introduced in 1936, and were used early on to train pilots in the American and British air corps. Since that time, they have become widely available to the general public.

I recall that commercial trampoline parks appeared for a while in the 60's, but disappeared, due to liability concerns. Backyard trampolines remain, and likewise remain a significant cause of injuries to children.

Most frightening about trampolines, beyond the common occurence of run-of-the-mill lacerations, broken arms and legs is the significant potential for cervical (neck) injuries - quadriplegia, meaning your child will be crippled for life.

Special risk factors for trampoline injury are multiple children on the trampoline at once and attempted flips. The majority of children who are seriously injured (about 75%) are under adult supervision when they fall. "Oh, Doctor, I was standing right there!"

This is a dangerous device with enormous potential for injury even when used "correctly." You are foolish and neglectful as a parent if you take this chance with your children. Sorry, somebody had to tell you.

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