Ophthalmologists advise strongly that children should be taught to wear sunglasses habitually. When parents shop for their children's sunglasses, the eyewear should be clearly labeled as providing ultraviolet light (UV) protection.

Ultraviolet light exposure over the years is the cause of senile cataracts, the type of cataracts that afflict old people. Eye specialists have noted a decrease in the prevalence of this condition in recent years, attributed to the fact that after World War II, sunglasses became fashionable and were worn by more people. If more people wear sunglasses longer, the rate of this debilitating eye disease will fall even more dramatically.

Again: not just any sunglasses will do. Cheap sunglasses that do not provide UV protection are actually worse than nothing, because by filtering visible light but not UV, they allow the pupil to dilate and admit more of the damaging rays onto the lens.

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