orthopedic terms

Here is a list of orthopedic terms you may have forgotten but may overhear or find useful in discussing certain diseases or conditions:
ligament a strong fibrous connection of bone to bone, typically about the joints ligaments in the ankle
tendon a strong fibrous connecting band of muscle to bone, allowing muscular action upon the bone Achille's tendon in the heel
epiphysis (ee-PIF-uh-sis) the end part of a long bone separated by the growth plate from the longer shaft - a center of ossification
metaphysis (muh-TAH-fuh-sis) the cartilaginous growth plate of a long bone, lying between the epiphysis and the diaphysis
diaphysis (die-AAH-fuh-sis) the shaft of a long bone (obvious)
symphysis (SIM-fuh-sis) a fibrous tissue and cartilage joint between two bones that ordinarily does not move or flex the symphisis pubis, the joint between the two halves of the pelvis just above the genitalia
compound fracture fracture in which the broken end of the bone penetrates the skin
spiral fracture fracture in which a long bone breaks in a spiral pattern, as when twisted toddler's fracture of the femur (thigh bone)
Salter fracture, Salter-Harris f. fracture through the epihysis of a long bone; classified into 5 different types according to location and severity (potential for long term problems)

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