hemangioma, strawberry

This birthmark is a type of capillary hemangioma which is usually not visible at birth, but enlarges rapidly thereafter. It is a bright red, raised, compressible tumor that has sharp borders. Strawberries can be found on any part of the body surface. These birthmarks enlarge until perhaps nine months of age, stabilize in size, and then begin slowly to shrink. The beginning of this shrinking process is marked by the appearance of grey flecks of scar tissue on the bright red surface of the birthmark. Gradually these flecks spread over the hemangioma, and as the scar tissue matures and shrinks, blood is squeezed out of the capillaries and they disappear, no longer bright red. Eventually, only a flat, slightly lighter patch of skin indicates where the birthmark once bulged. Also known as a mulberry birthmark.

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