breast milk, unique constituents

Definitely a non-exhaustive list:

docsohexanoic acid necessary for growth and development of the brain and retina, also for myelinization of nervous tissue
cholesterol enhances myelinization of nervous tissue
taurine important for bile acid function
choline may enhance memory
enzymes such as lipases important for digestion of fats
lactoferrin binds iron and transports it efficiently into the baby; prevents iron from being used by gut bacteria
inositol enhances synthesis of surfactant in immature lung tissue
poly- and oligo-saccharides inhibit bacterial binding to intestinal surfaces
various proteins bind calcium and zinc for absorption by the baby; supply amino acids to the baby
white blood cells transmit maternal immunity to infant's immune system
nucleotides building blocks of DNA, RNA, and energy storage compounds; enhance formation of immunity to infection
glutathione peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, xanthine oxidase important in prevention of infection
lactoferrin (above), lysozyme, secretory immunoglobulin A line intestinal surface, prevent bacterial attachment and infection

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