air swallowing

Air swallowing refers to the habit of some babies to gulp large amounts of air both while feeding and sometimes even when they are not eating. It is not a diagnosis with an insurance code or a support group, but it can sure make everybody around the house miserable. These babies often do best if kept in a Snugli® or similar carrier because the air they swallow stays up by the gastroesophageal sphincter and is naturally burped up.

If you are holding your baby properly upright for feedings, have made sure the bottle flows freely, and yet your baby still passes large amounts of gas all the time, you may have this problem. Whether gas medicines like simethicone will help is anyone's guess. You'll probably try them - don't feel bad if they don't help. Proper positioning and experimentation to find a nipple that makes a good seal (for example the NUK orthodontic) seem to be the best avenues to take.

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